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After every record-yielding crop year since 1970, the prices for corn and soybeans have almost always rallied the following year. The average price rally in the year after a record-yielding corn crop is 70 percent for corn. The average after a record-yielding soybean crop is 60 percent. These numbers underscore both the uncertainty of commodity markets and the need to take charge of your operation’s feed costs. A strategic approach to price risk management can lower your average price paid.

Volatility in grain markets warrants consistent, disciplined management of feed price opportunities and risks.

Latest Thinking

June 2016 –
Jump in the price of soybean meal teaches an old lesson

fileYou may have seen this quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” It’s a sentiment that proves true in commodity markets all the time, just as it did this spring when we experienced a rapid jump in the price of soybean meal.

Here’s how you can prepare.

June 2016 –
How Market Scenario Planning helps feed buyers
speakerThere’s a process you can follow to help you protect against market risk and capture market opportunities. Stewart-Peterson President Patrick Patton explains how the concept of Market Scenario Planning helps feed buyers, on Dairyline Radio.

Listen to the interview here.

March 2016 –
Three behaviors that can influence your decision-making
fileIt’s easy to act irrationally when markets are volatile. In fact, irrational behavior can be explained. Here are three behaviors that can influence your decision making when it comes to purchasing feed (or selling milk).

Recognize cognitive biases.

December 2015 –
Soybean meal prices could see a repeat
It appears that 2016 will look similar to last year, when a record crop was followed by a surprise rise in feed prices. Here are three reasons soybean meal price could see a repeat of last year, suggesting feed buyers should take action now.

Take action now.

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