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Dairy Price Risk Management

Help protect your business from the cyclical nature of milk prices.

Dairy farmers and those who purchase dairy commodities to produce goods are subject to the cyclical nature of milk prices and ever-present market uncertainty. Consistent management of milk price risks can help.

Consistent management of milk price risks can help you manage the cyclical nature of milk prices.

Latest Thinking

White Paper –
Is accepting the market price worth the risk?
fileAccepting the market price for milk seems a reasonable approach to many dairy farmers. But take a closer look, and you will see it’s risky, especially in a volatile market. Here are three reasons taking the market price can be costing you.

Why accepting price is risky.

April 2017 –
Benefits of taking a holistic approach to managing price risk
fileIf you manage your milk price risk, you should manage the cost of feed and fuel inputs too. Did you know that if you’re receiving a higher price for milk, you’re probably pay more for feed and fuel inputs? It can pay to manage all three.

Benefits of holistic approach.

September 2017 –
The case for us all having our heads examined
fileWhen you think about the price of feedstuffs, equipment, or even a new pair of work boots, you’re probably not thinking rationally. Cognitive biases compel us to make poor decisions. Find out how to keep them from influencing your farm marketing.

Keep biases out of farm marketing.

November 2017 –
Is the market price your default price?
fileResearch suggests that when faced with a tough decision, we often let someone else make it for us. This may be why many dairy farmers accept the market price rather than manage their risk. Read about the effect this can have on your marketing.

Why easier is not better

What’s holding you back from managing price as effectively as you could? Assessing your strengths and constraints is the first step to taking control. Take our price risk management assessment.

Take our assessment.