Insure your milk revenue.

Prepare for Dairy Revenue Protection (Dairy-RP) insurance with a team that understands risk.

Dairy-RP can help you protect your milk price against unexpected declines in your quarterly revenue.

Should you purchase it?

Before you decide, get answers to important questions, such as: In which quarter should insurance be purchased? What’s the final revenue guarantee? What are the most cost-effective risk management strategies?

Our team of risk managers can help. They understand Dairy-RP and how to implement it in a way that makes sense for each farm and financial situation. We’ve teamed with Pro Ag, a trusted and respected name in crop insurance.

Developed through the USDA, Dairy-RP will be federally subsidized. Insurance premium amounts will vary by coverage. You’ll be able to cover 70 to 95 percent of expected quarterly revenue, in 5 percent increments.

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Speak with one of our dairy risk managers at 800-334-9779.

> USDA Dairy-RP fact sheet.

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